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PHP-based AirComix Server

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Comix-server is a PHP-based AirComics Server acting just as the Windows version. Originally it was written to run on the Synology NAS. However, it can run on any platforms where Apache HTTP Server runs, such as Ubuntu Linux or OS X.

Comix-server is compatible with both AirComix (old version) and AirComics (new version) app.

How to install

For more information, please refer to the step-by-step guide.

How to uninstall

Special thanks to "20eung" for providing the install & uninstall script.

How to run

Start Apache HTTP Server. Usually the Apache HTTP process automatically starts when the machine boots up.

How to use

How to contribute

Bug reports and pull requests are always welcome.


Q) Which file formats are supported?
A) Comix-server supports archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, CBZ, and CBR. Also it supports most image formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF.

Q) Does comix-server really support RAR? Yes if your system has PHP extension for RAR. You can easily install it on Linux platform (see for detail), but it seems hard to install it on Synology servers.

Q) Do I need to uncompress ZIP or RAR files?
A) No. Like Windows version, just put them in your manga directory. However, comix-server does not handle double-zipped files.

Q) Can I have multiple directories under my manga directory?
A) Yes. You can make any directory structure. One restriction is that image files can be only in a leaf directory, which does not have any child directory.

Q) How can I change the port number?
A) See /usr/syno/apache/conf/httpd.conf-comix.

Q) How can I change the manga directory?
A) See comments in handler.php. You need to modify handler.php, index.php, user-setting.ini, and httpd.conf-comix.

Q) Does comix-server support password protection?
A) Yes, using Apache's basic authentication mechanism. Refer to to know how to configure it. Note that the user name should be AirComix (case sensitve) and .htaccess file should be in /var/services/web/comix where handler.php exists. If there is no htpasswd util in your system, you can create the password file on other machines and copy it to your system.

Q) I cannot see some files under the manga directory. What is the problem?
A) If you have a directory which contains image files as well as ZIP files, move image files (or ZIP files) to another directory. A single directory can have multiple image files or multiple ZIP files, but not both.


Comix-server is free software licensed under GNU GPLv3. Everyone is permitted to copy, modify, and redistribute it.

You can use comix-server for free, but if you find it useful, we would apreciate a small payment between $1 - $5 through PayPal.